REVIEW: Formula 1 – The Car Collection


If you’ve been watching the telly recently, you might have seen an advert for this, the Formula 1 Car Collection magazine.

Released fortnightly, this new collection promises detailed 1:43 scale die-cast metal models of famous championship cars along with a companion magazine detailing technical specs and information about the driver and their season. I’d seen the adverts and for the introductory price of £2.99 for the first issue, I saw absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t take the plunge and pick it up. Issue 1 features Ayrton Senna’s 1988 McLaren MP4/4, the car that took him to his very first world championship title. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and the detail of the model, it certainly doesn’t look out of place with the more expensive replica sets and it’s just the right size to fit nicely on my desk. The paintwork of the livery is incredibly authentic, despite the missing Marlboro branding, really bringing to life one of the most iconic looks in Formula 1 history. My only problems with the model comes with how the car itself is presented, its clear case is very prone to scratches and the chicane base looks a little tacky and will no doubt look a little strange when placed next to another car in the collection.

My first impressions of the companion magazine were a little underwhelming, it’s a bit small and the page count is low, but the sheer amount of information included more than makes up for that fact. Detailing the highs and lows of Senna’s 1988 season, featuring an extensive analysis of the MP4/4 and looking into the history of McLaren, it certainly makes for a fascinating read, even for those well versed in their Formula 1 trivia. Also included is a look at the Silverstone Circuit and a retrospective of the very first F1 season, leaving a package very full of content.


Overall I’m highly impressed with this debut issue, although the real question is whether or not I’ll continue to collect after the price goes up. The second issue featuring Niki Lauda’s 1977 Ferrari 312T2 continues with a reduced price, costing £5.99, which is still an absolute steal and indeed the £10 asking price for part 3 onwards is still good value. My problem lies in the frequency of the releases, I’m a student, and £10 every 2 weeks isn’t something I’m sure I can manage and when you bare in mind there will be 60 issues altogether in the collection, you’re looking at a subscription costing just under £590. Subscription perks include exclusive vehicles and DVD’s and providing you have the expendable income, the Formula 1 Car Collection represents a great value for money. Personally, I’ll probably pick up a few issues initially whilst my local newsagents stock them, but I couldn’t shackle myself with any recurring payment. Upcoming issues include Hamilton’s 2014 Mercedes W05 Hybrid, Mansell’s 1992 Williams FW14B, Schumacher’s 2002 Ferrari F2002, Button’s 2009 Brawn GP 01 and Alonso’s 2005 Renault R25.

For £2.99 there’s really no excuse as to why you couldn’t at least pick up this first issue and gain yourself a fine piece of Formula 1 merchandise.

Issue 2 goes on sale 27th April 2016.


6 thoughts on “REVIEW: Formula 1 – The Car Collection

  1. Hi Andrew… Mag looks good, but £590 for the lot is expensive.. You could get a lot of models at model zone for that…….

    1. Thanks for the comment Don,
      Working out at around £10 a model, the pricing for the size isn’t too dissimilar to what you’d find at Model Zone, you have to bare in mind it is £590 for 60 models here. I guess the selling point here is the officially licensed cars all have a unifying look to them and they do come with a fact filled magazine. Also you don’t have to pay the £590 upfront, £10 every 2 weeks is probably a lot more manageable than it all at once…

  2. HI, Good to see a fair review of this – saw some sniping elsewhere about the lack of Marlboro decals, but you could buy an expensive minichamps model and still do without those.

    Even at £10, this is very good value. Re the above comment about models at modelzone – Minichamps replicas in the same scale have doubled in price in the last 5 or 6 years and a car like this would cost you at least £50 now. Their cars are better, but they’re not 5 times better. This one’s shortcomings become clearer when you look closely, but alongside some of the Minichamps replicas, they’re going to look just fine sat in my display cabinet.

    The problem, as you say, is the frequency. I’m not going to be able to justify £20 a month, so I’m going to have to pick and choose. Got my eye on the Brawn GP car coming up in a few issues!

    1. Yeah, I included a short note about that in case that was a problem for anyone, personally it doesn’t bother me much, in fact I’d say the model looks cleaner and nicer without the cigarette branding!
      Absolutely, I’ve been looking around and for the price you really can’t find anything close to this value, they’re far from perfect, but for the price you can’t complain.
      Yeah, I just wish I could pick and choose from the whole collection, my local newsagents said they’d probably not stock further than issue 9, I’m personally looking forward to the Brawn and Alonso’s Renault.
      Glad you enjoyed my review!

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